10. Ride my bike


The song “Ride My Bike” is a song for all bike riders but it goes further than that. We have recorded two versions: An acoustic and an electric version. But we also are asking other bands to participate.

We have already asked friends to help, The most prominent bicycle pedal power artists Ginger Ninjas to do a more Latin version and Bike Rapper Fossil Fool to make a rap version. All using the same song, but with a different interpretation each time. We want to splice these versions together to make one song that speaks for bike riding enthusiasts.

The chorus is something everybody can sing:

I’m going to ride my bike – up the hill
I’m going to ride my bike – over the hill
I’m going to ride my bike – down the hill
And far, far away.

Bob T and CBATFOW - Ride My Bike

When writing a song like “Ride my Bike” it is easy to try and make a political song that turns people off. The idea of this song was to write a hopeful, but fragile song about feelings, lost love and the positive energy of bicycles. We have been playing this song at bike festivals with our pedal power PA system. Four bicycles and riders provide enough electricity to power a small d&b PA.

A song about the beauty of bicycles.

  • Line-Up:
    Henry R – bass, guitars
    Bob T – vocal
    Mike S –
    Marcus P – vocal, guitar
    Lars P – drums
    Camille B – voice

    i rode my bike to that place on the river
    where we spoke in silence about the truth in our hearts
    we took the wrong track and ended in solitude
    but i still love that bike

    i rode my bike to that bar near the highway
    where sons and daughters complain about the noise
    she was a beauty and she left to go solo
    but i still have that bike

    i’m gonna ride my bike – up that hill
    i’m gonna carry that load – over the hill
    i’m gonna ride my bike – down that hill
    Now everything is better – when i ride my bike (alt.: its a heavy road but i’ll ride my bike)

    you’re gone in a whisper, you’re gone in a dream
    you’re gone where the songs have been sung
    and i’m on the ground rolling the rubber
    and i know two wheels are better than none

    i rode my bike to the edge of a rainbow
    where you sat somewhere between indigo and blue
    and i tried to hold on to an illusion
    but at least i still have that bike

    © 2014 Bob T and CBATFOW

  • First demo of the bridge, this is how a song evolves. This is as naked as it gets.

  • Ride my Bike Leadsheet

    © 2014 CBATFOW

  • 04. Ride my Bike
  • Winter 2014
  • Illustration titled Punctured shows an man with an arrow in chest on a road holding a bicycle facing a woman with a bicycle
  • Illustration by Edmund G. Fuller and published by Henry Graves & Company London

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