03. I’ve got a gun


This one is about death as well. It’s about dying for a cause that is debatable, it’s about being fanatic about anything, but it’s also respectful of the right to be just that. The picture is someone fighting for a reason, stuck in a hotel room, knowing that the plan and all his goals has “blown up in his face”. There is nothing left to do than to wait for the inevitable. He has a gun, with just one bullet.

Follow the red flag – follow the blue flag
Don’t stop to ask yourself why

Bob T and CBATFOW - I've Got a Gun

Should we make heroes of people that die for their beliefs, as we do the people that stood up against Hitler? But where do we draw the line?

Do we divide between heroes and criminals never knowing where the fine line is? Todays heroes are tomorrows despots. Living and growing up in a part of the world where American policy has been the driving force behind our doing, has seen us get into bed with shahs, generals, bishops and thieves. And we’ve been waving the flag for the real criminals that allow hunger and poverty to exist in this world. The banks that bet on markets growing with no regard for consequence are the price we pay for capitalism. Right-wing fascists are once again on the rise and we welcome them into our politics, instead of fighting them with all we have. Maybe we don’t care enough.

As Nick Lowe wrote many years ago – What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

This song has a long history. Henry and Bob played this as Surplus Stock in the 80’s. Surplus Stock was a fake jazz punk electro band. The song was never recorded. It slumbered for decades. Back then it was written for a Reagan era, but it has never been more “up-to-date” than today.

  • Henry R – bass, guitars
    Bob T – vocal, tapes
    Mike S –
    Marcus P – vocal, guitar
    Lars P – drums
    Tommy S – sax
    Gary P – trumpet
    Dieter K – trombone
    Felix H – percussion, blech

    I live my life out of a suitcase
    This hotel rooms my domain
    Wear my credentials pinned on my jacket
    There all that’s left that remain

    No news of progress I’ve got a problem
    This things blown up in my face
    I heard the power will last an hour
    How’d i get stuck in this place?

    Follow the red flag, follow the blue flag
    Don’t stop to ask yourself why
    Don’t say a word now, don’t comb your hair now
    Get out while you still have the chance

    I’ve got a gun with just one bullet
    I’ve got a gun with just one bullet
    I’ve got a gun with just one bullet I’m gonna use it

    I’ve been to London I’ve been to New York
    But they’re no different from home
    I’ve got a million stashed in my suitcase
    But i cant spend it alone

    The plane came down in the innocent field
    Bodies lying in the sun
    I’ve heard the power is going to last an hour
    Give my regards to the world

    I’ve got a gun with just one bullet
    I’ve got a gun with just one bullet
    I’ve got a gun with just one bullet and I’m gonna use it

    © 2014 Bob T and CBATFOW

  • First demo recorded Jan 2013 at the Planet USED Studio. Produced by Mike Stewart.

  • © 2014 CBATFOW

  • 03. Guns and other means of Communication
  • Winter 2014
  • Photo of chocolate guns Photo:Bob

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