02. God and Grumpy


God and Grumpy – that could describe us, sitting on the veranda, drinking beer and complaining about God and the world. But what we are really saying is that the modern world has reached the stage of being “God and Grumpy”, bitching about how things have changed, but not for the better.

We allow people to control our lives and have lost the idea of protest and goal of equality. We live in a media landscape that washes the soul of any kind of rebellion. Banks and Governments get into bed together and the resulting child is a monster that shows how the “haves” still have and the “have nots” are worse off than ever before.

What’s that talk about God and Grumpy?
Who wants a nation with a permanent smile?

Bob T and CBATFOW - God and Grumpy

Where is Bob Dylan when we need him?

  • 02. God and Grumpy
  • Winter 2015
  • Photo: Grapes of Wrath

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