11. Blue Skies

Full title is – “I wonder if the blue skies are hanging over you, because the grey skies are hanging over me”. I know it sounds like a Grand Ole Opry song and i guess it could have been. Unrequited love is a theme that goes through our songs more often than not, this time it comes down to happy/sad and the difference between the two. Blue skies turn to grey faster than we can keep up.

You didn’t cry, you didn’t shout
As the whole thing moved from with to without

Bob T and CBATFOW - Blue Skies

I remember reading a book from Douglas Adams (who wrote “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”) about a guy it always rained on. He could identify 97 different types of rain. He will know what this song is about. But at least the blue skies are out and the sun is shining for her…

  • Henry R – bass, guitars
    Bob T – vocal
    Mike S –
    Marcus P – vocal, guitar
    Lars P – drums
    Martin S – keys

    We left it where it lay, both afraid to move
    Missing the moment to tell the truth
    You didn’t cry, you didn’t shout
    As the whole thing moved from within to without

    You’ve gone all the way, from wrong to right
    And down on doom street the shadows are bright
    I’m standing on the bridge looking down
    I couldn’t swim but i sure could drown

    I wonder if the blue skies hanging over you
    Are because the grey skies are hanging over me
    I wonder, i wonder, i wonder if some blue will ever come back to me?

    Some times i think the rain is following me
    But i guess it’s just a reflection of my heart
    A soldier of love is an unbeaten champ
    But a loveless man is someone falling apart

    The rains easing off, maybe i’ll see the sun
    But a storm is brewing and i know it’s going to come
    A dog knows when it’s been kicked by the pain and the fright
    But what gets damaged more is his pride

    © 2014 Bob T and CBATFOW

  • First demo recorded Jan 2013 at the Planet USED Studio. Produced by Mike Stewart.

  • © 2014 CBATFOW

  • 05. Blue Skies
  • Winter 2014

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