08. Tie me Down


Sometimes it’s hard to know where songs come from. Sometimes the writer seems to be just an antenna receiving information from another level. And sometimes you may miss the broadcast and the song is gone forever. This one was recorded and this rough mix came out in a couple of hours. We had no drummer so we let the new drummer module in Logic play for us. I think it was Benny. We redid them later with Lars Slingerland big band kit. Got more oomph now!

If justice is gone its time to rethink
But my tolerance is starting to shrink

Bob T and CBATFOW - Tie Me Down

What is it about? In a broad sense it would be “Freedom of Speech”, but on a smaller scale it would be concerned with standing your ground and not accepting that your rights be restricted. This is not just about the NSA, but about the politics that allow this to happen.

And one thing is true – “my tolerance is starting to shrink”

Tie me Down – Rough Mix (the drums and lyrics missing mix)

Henry R – bass, acoustic guitar
Bob T – vocal
Marcus P – guitar
Lars P – drums
Martin S – elka organ
Harry S – high voice

  • 12. Tie me down
  • Winter 2014

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