06. Deadly Sin


I am your poet, your cowboy, your lover, your clown. But trapped in a love gone wrong. it’s a song about loving someone without realizing that the love is over and there is someone else.

And if i was a painter, or if i was a sailor
If i was a singer, would you let me be strong
And i‘d paint you a picture, and i‘d weather the storm
And i‘d sing you softly, to sleep with a song

Bob T and CBATFOW - Deadly Sin

Songwriters sing songs written to change peoples minds, in most cases the opposite half of a broken love affair. Of course it’s a pointless exercise and will never work, we know it and the other side of the romance knows it as well. Maybe the song is the healing, the medicine we need to get over it.

Line Up:
Henry R – bass
Bob T – vocal
Marcus P – vocal, thumping guitar
Susan V – vocal, violin

  • 11. Deadly Sin
  • Winter 2014
  • Photo: Copyright Manfred Pollert

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