12. Voodoo


What you do is Voodoo! i can only describe what women do to us as Voodoo! We are drawn to them like moths around an open flame. We know we will be hurt, but we still go down that long and winding road to our own defeat. And would we go any other way? No, of course not.

It’s the kiss, the smell, the smile
It’s the heat, the sweat and the style
It’s the poise, the grace and the friction
It’s the frown, the face, the indecision

Bob T and CBATFOW - Voodoo

Henry R – bass, guitars
Bob T – vocal
Marcus P – vocal, guitar
Lars P – drums

This one is another old Surplus Stock song. We played this in the 80’s and never recorded it. When looking at the material we had, this one came up again. It’s one of my favourite lyrics, simple and direct, which is not always easy.

  • 10. Voodoo
  • Winter 2014
  • Photo: Copyright Manfred Pollert

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