Hall of Fame

Welcome to the CBATFOW Hall of Fame

  • deko

    Moses or Deko as his friends call him, sang like a choir boy with his balls trapped between two bricks. And played drums, keeping songs grooving on many CBATFOW records. He has played with many bands recently, like Philip Boa and the Voodoo Club. Also he works as a booker for many cool bands, like Tito and Tarantula. Dr. Deko lives in Brussels and has just become the father of a baby girl.Moses is a great drummer as you can see and hear on the You Tube Videos from the good old CBATFOW days.

  • gisbert

    Gisbert was the guy in charge of the promotion at the start of our career. He was responsible for getting the band a lot of press and tv. Of course, he didn’t tell any lies, he was just good at expanding on the truth. This was back in the days when promotion meant photocopies of the promos and cassettes of the music. Gisbert was also the power behind the Outatune record label. He and i spent a lot of time together working on the concept of CBATFOW. We also were together in Rochdale England for the Surplus Stock recordings in 1980. Gisbert is still involved in music these days as a DJ and he owns a PR office in Osnabrück, Germany.

  • sven

    Boogie or Slidetone or sometimes just plain Sven, played slide guitar with the 2003 CBATFOW line-up. We were together in Malta as we mixed Godsatwork. Sven was a CBATFOW fan from the start. He lives in Hamburg and still plays in many different combos. He was always fun to be around and we had a great time together.

  • Herr Scholz is another of those people that became successful after working for CBATFOW. He worked our lights back then. I’m not sure he was ever really into lights but we thought it was ok. We did some cool gigs with Rüdiger. Later he took on management and started Goldrush. This turned into a record company and a successful booking agency. He also owns a club in Osnabrück and we think it is time for him to tell the world that he owes all his success to CBATFOW! Maybe we will find out if he can still do lights on the tour later this year…

  • mick

    Mick Franke produced four CBATFOW records, which he also released on his Happy Valley record label. He was a great musician, playing acoustic guitar and singing harmony. We went to Austin and East Germany with Mick. I even remember going to Graceland with him. One of my fondest memories, was playing football with the whole CBATFOW team and my brother Gary in the park in Austin, Texas. And it was destiny i guess, that Mick died playing football with his son Felix in 2001, suffering a heart attack. He was a big part of our career and is still fondly missed. His son Felix is now also a singer in a band, so the legacy goes on.

  • Harry von H.

    Harry was our mixer for many years. We did the famous “Back in the DDR” tour, after which the Wall came tumbling down. Harry was the reverb king and he made some great live sounds. He is still working the faders, touring extensively. Love to see him again.

  • heise-boese

    Tom Heise was a part of CBATFOW from the start. Actually signed to play trumpet, but the brass section back then was way too expensive and not really that good ;>)). So Tom moved to doing lights.He also got arrested in Mainz for throwing a TV out of a hotel window. He was bailed out by the lead singer and guitar player. I am not sure Mick and Keith would have done the same. Tom works as a journalist. He also does booking for the Lagerhalle in Osnabrück. So maybe we get a gig out of his Hall of Fame nomination.

  • TomI

    Tom Ivison and CBATFOW go back a long way. A very young Tom met up with us in Austin when we were recording the Illegal Artists record and playing SXSW in 1993. Tom and his brothers Martin and Gordon were in a band called Instant Karma and they played support for us a couple of times. Tom is a Brit living in Germany, dreaming of a good English soccer team…! When we were making the “Godsatwork” record, Tom was our bass player. He also came with us to Malta when we were mixing the record.
    Tom is a natural musician, but if you want him to play in your band, you need to give him a bass, a strap, a cable and lend him your tuner. Tom doesn’t have any of those! He later moved to Hamburg and did some acting work. He has a great voice, singing all those high notes.